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Blue Jeans Go Green Launches School Collection Drive

Blue Jeans Go Green, Cotton Inc.’s recycling program, is collaborating with six Harmony Public Schools in Austin, Texas to collect unwanted blue jeans for recycling. Since the program’s initiation in 2006, over one million pairs of jeans have been collected, diverting 600 tons of denim from landfills.

Cotton Inc. has worked with Bonded Logic to convert the recycled denim into their UltraTouch Denim Insulation, a cotton fiber insulation free of harsh chemicals. They then donate this product to building organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

The Texan charter schools have students in grades kindergarten through eleventh participating. The schools are offering different incentives to encourage students to participate in the program. Some of the schools are handing out vouchers to participating students, allowing them to wear jeans rather than their school uniforms for a day. The program runs Feb. 10—April 17.

“We are thrilled Harmony Public Schools of Austin have selected to participate in the Blue Jeans Go Green program to educate students about cotton and sustainability,” said Andrea Samber , co-director of Strategic Alliances at Cotton Incorporated. “A Harmony Public School in Houston contributed over 1,000 pieces of denim to the program on their own last year, so we are very excited to officially be collaborating with the schools in Austin on a grander scale.”