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Blue Loop Originals Produces a Recycled Denim Tent

Dutch sustainable clothing brand Blue Loop Originals, which produces apparel with recycled denim, has branched out to manufacture a sustainable denim tent.

Blue Loop collaborated with tent cloth manufacturer TenCate to create a tent fabric made with 25 percent recycled denim. The cloth combines the characteristic Blue Loop denim look with functional qualities like water repellency, breathability and durability.

The company is also looking to find sustainable solutions for other components—for instance replacing polyester with recycled fibers. They have already begun this process by using a recycled PVC groundsheet made from plastic scraps.

The company will test their tents on the Dutch Wadden islands this summer, where the tents will be exposed to extreme weather circumstances.

Blue Loop also uses recycled denim to produce fleece, jersey and an entirely recycled denim, which they also use to produce finished garments.