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Bluezone Continues the Conversation about Sustainability and Performance

More than 100 international players in the denim supply chain, including Candiani, Orta, Royo, Blue Diamond, Atlantic Mills, Calik, Santanderina, Unitin, Soorty, Arvind, and more will converge in Munich, Germany for Bluezone January 30 -31st. The denim and technology event draws innovators and creatives from around the world seeking best practices and new fabrications.

This season, mills and trim suppliers tackle key issues in the denim industry, including sustainability and performance.

Italian denim mill Candiani bows Re-Gen, a collection of market-ready biodegradable denim made with no raw denim. Dyed with Kitotex—organic and biodegradable material derived from the exoskeleton of crustaceans—and Candiani’s Indigo Juice technology, Re-Gen uses up to 50 percent Refibra™ branded lyocell fibers and 50 percent recycled cotton warp and weft.

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