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Boy Meets Girl Dabbles in Denim

Leave it to Boy Meets Girl to capture the perfect tomboy look with a new denim collection.

This week the contemporary women’s brand launched a line of limited-edition denim jackets embroidered with inspiring words and the brand’s signature double profile logo.

The No Secrets oversized denim jacket features the brand name embroidered in cursive with white thread on the back, as well as a small logo on the front right pocket. The Lasting Joy oversized denim jacket is punctuated with the brand’s logo on the back in black thread and name on the front.


Each vintage-inspired style is detailed with antique brass hardware with the Boy Meets Girl name. Popped collars reveal a hidden embroidered message, ‘smile’ or ‘inspire’.

“I am especially excited about the little details seen on the jackets: from the eyelets to the inspiring words at the back collar that speak to our brand ethos,” said Boy Meets Girl Founder Stacy Igel.


Images on social media inspired Igel, a social media maverick herself, to delve into denim.

“I decided to create these limited-edition denim jackets as a reaction to our customer demand,” she said. “Not only were customers pairing Boy Meets Girl with denim but I saw many sets made on Polyvore, a platform I have been using since its inception, that incorporated Boy Meets Girl with denim; it became clear to me that our girl would love Boy Meets Girl denim.”

Igel says the jackets are “just the beginning” of Boy Meets Girl’s foray into denim. Jackets are available on the Boy Meets Girl website and retail for $99 each. Jackets are available in two sizes, XS/S and M/L.