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Boyish Bets on Vintage and Utilitarian Styling for Fall

Boyish has a strong following with forward-thinking, eco-conscious consumers, but the past remains a well of design inspiration for the sustainable brand.

For the Fall/Winter 2020 collection titled “Guardians of Nature,” Boyish dove into the history books to draw inspiration from the 1920s—specifically the women who suited up to fight for rights, and in the process, paved the way for the future of women’s fashion.

“Breaking free from previous wardrobe constraints, the emergence of non-restrictive silhouettes and a newfound simplicity was seen throughout the decade in which a new form of femininity and the ‘Boyish’ look were born,” the brand stated.

Boyish pays homage to this era of fashion by introducing oversized silhouettes and details that emphasize utility and functionality. The boldest fashion pieces include the Clancy, a pleated chino with a paperbag waist; the Troy, a utility jumpsuit and the Maxwell, a drapey trench offered in khaki and olive.

All of Boyish’s jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through a completely environmentally friendly and cruelty-free process. The collection builds on this responsible ethos by adding new sustainable fabrics such as zero-waste knits and the Super Eco Rigid, which Boyish describes as “one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious fabrics in the denim world” created with 83 percent recycled materials including Refibra.

In July, the Los Angeles-based company introduced a supply-chain tracing tool to its e-commerce site. The technology provides consumers insight into the brand’s partners like Bossa, Strom Denim and Lenzing and their environmental footprint.

At the core of all Boyish collections, the company stated, lies a commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible. “A brand that feels good to buy and even better to wear; the only impact Boyish leaves on the planet is good jeans,” it added.