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BPD Washhouse Goes Retail with New Nolita Pop-up

With a washhouse, an expo, classes and a wealth of knowledge on denim, it’s little surprise a pop-up shop was next in Bill Curtin’s sights.

As of last month, the owner of BPD Washhouse and the upcoming BPDEXPO, has a pop-up shop at 55 Spring St. in New York’s Nolita neighborhood.

Called BPDVINTAGE, the store is set to serve up all manner of denim fashion with creative details and customizations only a wash house could so easily offer. The shop’s décor also channels some of that creativity with an indigo overdyed American flag hanging from the wall. Those interested in snagging some of this one-of-a-kind denim might do best to act quickly, as with pop-up shops, they may not be around for long.

Carved in Blue caught up with Curtin to find out what’s in store for the store.

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