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C&A Europe Boasts Strong 2015 Sales Growth

European fashion retailer C&A Europe issued an interim sales performance report for its current Autumn/Winter 2015 denim collection this week and earnings are up in several key areas.

At a joint briefing with strategic partner Alvanon, C&A revealed that total turnover value for its current ladies’ AW 2015 denim range has increased by 17.4% to date compared to 2014, and the total turnover value of its entire adult denim collection is up 7.8% on last year. The total turnover value of adult denim is up 8.7% against C&A’s planned budget with ladies’ denim up 9.1% against plan/budget and men’s 8.3% against plan/budget.

“We are delighted with the interim results that more than vindicate our professional and financial investment in the changes,” said Helen Walczak, head of strategic design projects for C&A. “We at C&A aim to offer style, quality and fairness through products that represent our four pillars of product design: style, craftsmanship, fit and sustainability. Therefore, we aim to continuously improve our products wherever possible through relevant partnerships. With our new fit standards developed with Alvanon, we can guarantee our customers consistent fit and size every time.”

Alvanon, which played a key role in developing ‘The Denim Collection’ for women, also announced its men’s and children’s divisions would be completed within the next year. The announcements follow a 12-month product re-engineering and business alignment project driven by C&A Europe and Alvanon.