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Can Water Brush Revolutionize the Abrasion Process in Denim?

A new eco-friendly technique in the way denim is whitened and abraded is challenging traditional finishing methods.

Italian-based garment finishing company, Tonello, announced that its Water Brush technology was named Launch of the Year at ITMA Future Materials Awards in Milan on November 20.

Water Brush offers superb results in terms of looks, coupled with reduced consumption, zero environmental impact and no health risk at all for the end user.

By implementing Water Brush into finishing processes, Tonello seeks to replace permanganate and manual brushing techniques by using highly pressurized water to create the same worn effect without the use of heavy chemicals. The chemicals not only pollute the environment, but can be harmful to the workers involved in the whitening process.

Tonello claims that Water Brush has zero impact on the environment or the worker, due to the fact that the water used is collected in a basin and recycled. The technology also requires only one operator, as opposed to the more labor-intensive permanganate method.