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Candiani Introduces Quality Assured Labels

Put a label on it. That’s what Candiani is suggesting to its clients. The Italian denim mill is offering two small woven labels for brands to stitch into products that highlight the garment’s roots, quality and craftsmanship——new tools in brands’ war chests to help differentiate their products from competitors.

Both labels callout Candiani’s Milanese heritage. In addition to the brand name and the design of the garment, Candiani Marketing Manager Simon Giuliani said the labels emphasize the premium properties of the product “reassuring the customer and rising the purchase value of the garment.”

The concept for the labels came about from analyzing the evolution of the denim market. Giuliani said it is becoming increasingly important to have a visual identification mark for quality-conscious consumers.

Giuliani continued, “We all know that the fast growth of the fashion industry lead to a higher competition, creating a rising demand for cheaper sourcing and low-priced production opportunities. Brands started to move the focus from product to communication, inducing their customers to a lifestyle rather than quality driven purchase. The price-quality relation got out of balance and the real sense for quality got lost. The consequence is a serious disorientation of the consumer, by now unable to evaluate if the quality he’s buying matches the price.”

The labels are a source of information about the product as well as a tangible statement of the brand’s choice to go for quality. “This initiative creates a win-win situation for all the players involved in the production process of a jean, from the creation of the fabric to the store-shelf,” Giuliani said.

He added, “We believe in sharing knowledge with the consumer in order to provide him with the necessary tools to evaluate his purchases. We are convinced that transparency not only grants the fashion industry a brighter future, but it results in an increase of trust and loyalty.”