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Carhartt Enters Strategic Partnership with Chevrolet This Summer

A new collaboration brings together two legendary Detroit companies.

Carhartt, the heritage workwear brand and a consistent source of inspiration for denim heads, announced Tuesday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Chevrolet to become the “Official Workwear of Chevy Trucks.” As part of the deal, Chevy Truck will become the “Official Partner of Carhartt.”

The companies describe the partnership as “a celebration of two brands committed to providing consumers with rugged, long-lasting products, inspired by hardworking people.” Carhartt was founded in 1889 when founder Hamilton Carhartt recognized the need for durable garments for railroad engineers. Meanwhile, Chevy Truck recently celebrated its centennial, delivering the first trucks to customers in 1918.

The partnership will create a multitude of opportunities for organic placement, starting with this summer’s Chevy Truck Tour, in which the automotive brand will host 50 events across the country. Throughout the tour, representatives will wear Carhartt clothing, placing the workwear brand in front of an estimated 3 million guests.

“When you look at both of our brands and our customers, there’s a natural connection between Chevrolet and Carhartt,” said Hugh Milne, Chevy Truck marketing manager. “Both have more than 100 years of history rooted in Detroit. And today, both brands have built a reputation for delivering quality, durable products.”

Aside from strategic collaborations, Carhartt’s longevity can be attributed in part to its constant innovation in safety apparel. Last month, the brand was approved for a patent on a new technology it calls “Full Swing,” a design innovation that incorporates a “stretchy back layer” in certain Carhartt products to offer the wearer protection while maintaining mobility.

“Teaming up with Chevy Trucks was a natural fit for us at Carhartt, as it aligned two Detroit-based iconic brands serving hardworking men and women throughout the nation,” said Janet Ries, vice president of marketing at Carhartt. “Our mission is to develop rugged gear to serve and protect hardworking people.”