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Carved in Blue Heads East: Denim Mills in Vietnam and China

Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development for Denim at Lenzing, visits denim mills in Vietnam and China and shares her experience with Carved in Blue.


After the trade show circuit, I thought it would be a good time for a denim road trip. Over the 11 day trip, I spent 42 hours in airplanes, 17 hours in taxis, staying in 5 hotels to see the spinners, mills, garment makers, and brands in 7 cities in Vietnam and China. Traveling is always an opportunity to learn from being on the ground and this trip was exceptionally informative.

I started in Vietnam for the Lenzing Connecting People and Bridging Countries Conference with 100 attendees from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan for lively presentations and discussions on global supply chains. Toray, Umorfil and Kisco were co-sponsors of the event and showed their innovative products. While we have communicated tirelessly on emails and the phone in the past, nothing can take the place of the face to face exchange, sharing information and showing samples.

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