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Cheap Monday Collaborates with Denim Innovator Faustine Steinmetz

The limited-edition collaboration between Cheap Monday and French designer Faustine Steinmetz is rooted in a shared love of denim, though the two brands approach the fabric in different ways.

Steinmetz is known for reworking classic denim archetypes with intense alterations, while Cheap Monday is grounded in modern jeanswear. This collaboration drew inspiration from the Cheap Monday aesthetic in combination with Steinmetz’s interest in the Norwegian Black Metal scene of the ’90s.

The emphasis in the line was placed on fabrics, techniques and textures, with a special focus on merino wool felting and fabric pulling treatments. The felting creates a highly textured finish, while the fabric pulling makes a loosely woven, deconstructed pattern.

The collection is unisex and made up of eight, handmade pieces, including jackets, jeans, T-shirts and a backpack.