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Cheap Monday Launches Recycled Denim Capsule Collection

Cheap Monday is stepping up its efforts to become more sustainable.

The Stockholm-based brand announced this week the launch of “C/O Cheap Monday” (read as “Care of Cheap Monday”), an umbrella under which the brand will launch consumer-facing initiatives around sustainability.

Starting next spring, C/O Cheap Monday recycling bins will be placed at Cheap Monday stores in London, Copenhagen, Paris, Beijing and Shenyang. Customers will be able to deposit their old and unwanted clothing in the bins provided in the stores, regardless of brand, quality or condition.

cheap monday

From these unwanted clothes, Cheap Monday will create the C/O Cheap Monday capsule collection, made from hand-made from recycled textiles in the brand’s Stockholm studio. The capsule will feature the brand’s famous ‘Tight’ fit jeans, as well as bomber jackets, tees and sweats in unisex sizing. The company says the collection is “strictly limited” in number due to its hand-made nature.

“Sustainability and the surrounding issues are of paramount importance,” said the brand in a press release. “C/O Cheap Monday is a natural and progressive way for the brand to step towards a more sustainable and better future.”