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Cheeky Ladies: 100 Cheeks Celebrates Ladies In Denim

Photographer Kava Gorna shot her first denim-clad bottom about five years ago while working on a personal project. The subject, her friend Janelle, was lying on the bed wearing ripped jeans. Gorna had no intention of making a book out of the photo, but the image and the countless others she shot like it afterwards, unknowingly served as the inspiration for her photo book.

100 Cheeks is a compilation of exactly that—100 images of women’s derrieres in jeans. For the book, Gorna photographed friends and women she admired, having them each choose jeans from their respective closets and snapping them in places that represent their personality.

The book was released in June and has caught the attention of Vogue, Refinery 29 and The Wall Street Journal with its snapshots of short shorts and classic Levi’s 501s.

“Jeans form to your body, and the way they wear out and shape the body is very unique to each person,” Gorna said. “I almost felt I wanted to tell the story of this one thing that everyone owns and how it’s different on every body. And I found that everyone looks really good in jeans.”

This article appears in Rivet Magazine. Click here to read the full issue.