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Chillaz Takes Climbing Apparel to New Heights

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If anyone does cool well, it’s Chillaz International, and the company’s latest efforts have everything to do with elevating climbing apparel—including denim that a climber can wear .

The Austria-based family business has been focused on producing climbing and outdoor apparel that actually work for the wearer since 2001, and now Chillaz sells its goods to nearly all of Europe, some of Asia and will open Chillaz USA this spring.

“The climbing market is growing from year to year,” Chillaz owner Ulf Kattnig said. In the company’s home region, there are a few hundred thousand registered climbers and indoor climbing halls are starting to pop up, catering to those who prefer the activity to the gym. “Climbing will be a part of the Olympics 2020 in Toyko, so for sure it is an extreme growing market.”

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