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Choochai’s Tencel Indigo Scarves Are Starting to Turn Heads

If ever there was a scarf for a true blueblood to fawn over, it would be the indigo creations coming from Choochai.

The Thailand-based mastermind has created crave-worthy indigo patterns, tapping into TENCEL™ Lyocell to give the scarves a hand feel that makes them perfect for wearing around the neck.

To find out what has inspired his creations, Carved in Blue caught up with the man behind the brand, Choochai himself.

Carved in Blue: Tell us a little about your company—what does Choochai mean?

Choochai: Choochai, he is the mastermind for combining TENCEL™ fibers and natural indigo and hand-weaving into beautiful textile-like scarves. His major of study in college was textile chemistry, he has been working in textile industry since he graduated from college until now.

Having been travelling around his beloved country of Thailand from young age, having seen hand -weaving work in rural areas, admiring the factors existing in the local weaving people, the culture, the tradition, the artistic quality, skillfulness and perseverance in doing the beautiful weaving work, he fell in love with it.

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