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CIE Denim Introduces New Sustainable Fabrics in Nostalgic S/S 20 Collection

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Known for its sustainable practices and playful designs, CIE Denim debuted its Spring/Summer 2020 collection on Wednesday—and it wasn’t just the new styles that were on display.

CIE’s “What’s My Age Again?” collection showcases styles made from updated vintage, deadstock fabrics and—for the first time in the brand’s history—sustainable denim from Naveena Mills’ Horizons Fabric line. This marks the first time the upcycled denim brand has used new fabric in its designs.

In June, the brand announced a partnership with the mill, explaining that it chose Naveena’s Horizons Fabric line for its exceptional standards in sustainability. The line uses significantly less water and chemicals than industry standard, reducing effluent load while saving water, time and energy.

And consumers are taking note. With transparency high up on their list of needs, consumers want to know where their clothing comes from.

“In today’s market, brand positioning is about more than just the brand—it’s also about the mills making the product,” Scott Gress, Naveena’s director of U.S. sales told Rivet. “We feel it is imperative to support brands like CIE that recognize the importance of sustainability in our industry. Anything we can do to help CIE bring awareness to the positive changes we are making together is a benefit to everyone.”

In addition to touting its sustainability practices, Wednesday’s presentation incorporated the brand’s playful nature with a ’90s-themed interactive display at an arcade in New York City.

Flashy games and prizes served as the backdrop for the show, which featured models in high waisted jeans, shorts with bold color block patterns and chunky Doc Martens reflective of the decade. Songs from Blink-182 and Marcy Playground set the tone for the collection that founder and designer Kelcie Schofield designed in tribute to her adolescence.

“This collection was inspired by my childhood,” Schofield said in a statement. “It was the late ’90s, summers spent in Florida playing Super Smash Bros and blasting Blink-182. It is a reflection of a carefree youth and an attitude to bring into adulthood.”