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Closed Debuts a Vintage-Inspired ‘Low Impact’ Denim Collection

Trend and eco-awareness go hand-in-hand in Closed’s new eco-friendly denim line, A Better Blue. The “Made in Italy” collection offers men and women on-trend jeans with a worn-in, vintage aesthetic and salt-and-pepper finishes.

The Italian denim brand is among a growing catalog of companies bowing the results of their long-term investments in sustainable manufacturing, technology and partnerships this fall.

Ecological washing and dyeing methods are at the core of the collection. The jeans are made with processes that require 50 percent less water, 25 percent less energy and 65 percent fewer chemicals compared to conventional production methods.

Jeans in the collection measure as “low impact” on Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software. To achieve this, Closed eliminated chlorine, sandblasting and potassium permanganate, along with any other environmentally hazardous procedures.

The brand used green processes like lasers, ozone treatments, bio-enzyme washing and dry ice blasting. For dyeing, the brand turned to fellow Italian company Candiani Denim. Closed also utilized the mill’s Kitotex technology, which is based on a natural polymer found in shrimp shells that drastically reduces water usage.

Additionally, 40 percent of the cotton used in A Better Blue is sourced from sustainably cultivated cotton plantations.

The sustainable jeans collection debuted with eight styles in a variety of washes. The women’s line offers a mom jean, a slim fit, a high-waisted crop and two relaxed, straight fits in four shades of blue. Men’s styles include a slim fit, a straight fit and relaxed fit tapered.