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Closed Brings Tencel X Refibra Denim to Its Collection

Denim is getting cleaner and leaders in the space are tapping into the raw materials and new technologies to keep their own products green.

Closed, a Hamburg, Germany-based clothing brand, is one of them. The company, in partnership with Candiani, has launched “A Better Blue” line of denim designed to further advance the product’s circularity. And, the jeans will incorporate TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ Lyocell fibers.

“Our longtime weaving partner Candiani from Italy has been pursuing a sustainability strategy for years and of course the REFIBRA™ technology fitted perfectly in there,” Closed denim developer Uwe Kippschnieder, said. “We were convinced by the fact how much water you can save by creating a pair of jeans that does not need fresh cotton. The product now on the market is 50 percent TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ Lyocell and 50 percent cotton waste from Candiani production. The water savings for a pair of jeans is 2,600 liters, which is huge. We keep transportation very short. All our women’s and men’s jeans are made 100 percent in Italy near Milan.”

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