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The Company Kickstarting to Help Get Your Jeans Off the Floor

There is good news for the fastidious denim enthusiast not content with folding his prized duds in a musty drawer. Canadian designer Steven Sal Debus is creating a hanger specifically designed to hang jeans.

Debus said, “While most designers now are creating apps to solve our life problems, we still haven’t even solved the simple problems of how to hang a pair of jeans.”

The solid beech wood hanger hooks into the belt loops of jeans to hold the jeans flat and can also function as an air-drying device, saving jeans from shrinkage and shortened lifespans.

Debus launched his Kickstarter campaign on May 4 with the goal of raising $20,000 to produce his first batch of jean hangers. Backers pledging $25 will receive a set of three hangers, which is 40 percent off the regular retail price.

Proceeds from the campaign will also help launch a design company dedicated to building products that save time and conserve energy. Debus revealed his dream is to design is a pair of pants that uses friction to charge a cell phone.