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Diesel’s Next Drop? 300,000 Durex Condoms

Diesel unwrapped its upcoming collaboration with intimate wellness brand Durex at Milan Fashion Week.

Bringing the worlds of sexual freedom and fashion together, and giving a whole new meaning to its slogan “for responsible living,” Diesel’s show on Wednesday featured models catwalking around a mountain of 200,000 Durex condom boxes featuring the brand’s red-and-white Biscotto logo

The Italian denim brand also teased an accompanying apparel capsule collection with Durex, including co-branded tees, jeans and caps. The collection will drop in April. 

Additionally, in a further commitment from both brands to promote sexual freedom and health worldwide, 300,000 Durex condoms will be featured prominently and distributed for free at Diesel locations globally.

Diesel isn’t afraid to challenge taboos. Last year the company launched a partnership with sexual wellness company Lelo that included limited-edition co-branded sex toys. The collection offered two of Lelo’s top-selling items, the Tor 2 couples’ ring and the Sona Cruise vibrator, in Diesel’s signature red.

Denim is not virgin territory for Durex either. In 2017, the company introduced a range of condoms in India that featured a slimmer packet designed to disappear in body-hugging jean pockets. The product and its accompanying campaign aimed to break the taboo of buying and carrying condoms in the South Asian nation, where condom use was not widely accepted.

Avant-garde backdrops have become a Diesel signature since the brand return to Milan Fashion Week last year. The centerpiece of its September 2022 show, an entanglement of four silver genderless bodies housed in an arena, set a new world record for the largest inflatable sculpture.