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What Consumers Really Think About Made in America

Made in the America has been run up the flagpole more frequently in the last few months than in the last few years. With an administration that has promoting American goods at the center of most of its communications, and a consumer base who continues to pledge allegiance to heritage brands, retailers who stock these products should be making plenty of greenbacks. Maybe, though store owners will tell you country of origin is just one in a long list of consumer concerns—and it’s often surpassed by other factors.

Ipsos Public Affairs recently polled 2,800 Americans for Reuters regarding their shopping habits and found that 70 percent feel it’s at least somewhat important for the products they buy to be made in America. Encouraging, right? Sure, until you learn that 38 percent are unwilling to pay one penny more in order to support those companies. And of those who could envision putting their money where their mouth is, only 26 percent would deign to spend just 5 percent more, while 21 percent would shell out 10 percent more. A committed minority (3 percent) would even plunk down a 50 percent premium.

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