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Cordura Shows a Softer Side of Durable Denim

Cordura, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, drummed up interest in durable denim at Denim Première Vision (May 18-19) with a new lifestyle collection called “Authentic Alchemie” created with fabrics from Artistic Milliners.

Cordura denim is at least four times more resistant than traditional 100 percent cotton denim fabric. Through the collection, the fiber brand aims to tell its story and demonstrate its strength to consumers in the motorcycle, skate, commuter and outdoor markets.

As a primary ingredient in high-performance gear and apparel products ranging from luggage and backpacks to military equipment and tactical wear, Authentic Alchemie shows a softer side of Cordura denim with carefully crafted blends of natural and man-made fibers, including Lycra and Tencel, to deliver stylish, high performance and functional materials.

Artistic Milliner Fabric Division Director Omer Ahmed said, “By using Cordura fiber technologies, we build products to last. We are designing for durability, creating jeans that feel great and can be used in many situations and conditions from office to street to outdoor… one jean created for a lifetime.”

“Today’s consumer is searching beyond just traditional heavy denims for ones that can sit comfortably with them throughout the day—wherever it may take them”, said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. “The Authentic Alchemie collection is designed to push the boundaries of durability with stylish, modern and comfortable fabric combinations that are suitable for any product, market or lifestyle.”

For the collection, Cordura consulted with Denim Dudes author Amy Leverton on trends and direction. The three-part line touches on a number of key themes in the denim market for 2017, including denim for the outdoor activities, dialed down denim that is meant to last and versatile and stylish denim with “hidden science” benefits like moisture wicking and water repellent. ESMOD students brought the themes to life in style portfolios using a combined foundation of traditional workwear and inspiration from contemporary specialist sportswear.

In a statement, Leverton said, “Consumers look for authenticity in people, in brands and in turn, in the fabrics they want to wear. The trick to future success in the textile industry is for manufacturers and mills to stick to what they do best. Cordura brand has done just that with the Authentic Alchemie collection, focusing on its core—durability—but extending that to versatile, cross-functional denim innovations.”