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This Motorsports Company is Using Kevlar for Skid-Ready Denim

Long have motorcyclists made the sometimes life-or-death decision between wearing their favorite pair of jeans or a bulky layer of protection—often heavy leather—to protect their lower halves from skids and road rash. But the release of Cortech’s new line of road-ready performance denim, protected by a layer of Dupont Kevlar and Cordura nylon, may render that a worry of the past.

Cortech, a subdivision of Helmet House Inc., a producer of motorcycle and powersports apparel, specializes in creating performance apparel, like its new line of denim, often incorporating the latest in textile technology to create value for its customer base of professional and amateur motorsports enthusiasts.

Its newest innovation comes in two different denim styles, “The Primary” and “The Standard.” Both are made using standard cotton denim and Kevlar. The Primary, however, makes use of a lighter 13.5 oz. grade of cotton, compared to The Standard’s 14 oz., to make room for Cordura nylon in a single-layered weave fabric.

The result is a pair of jeans that look typical from the outside but boast 150 percent to 350 percent more tensile strength and 125 percent to 200 percent higher tear strength compared to standard cotton denim, according to Cortech.

This Motorcycle Company Produced Jeans Using Kevlar and Cordura Nylon
The back of “The Primary” turned inside-out, revealing the layer of Kevlar-infused fabric underneath. Cortech

Cortech claims the added durability of its jeans gives riders 500 percent more protection against abrasion, something that will appeal to anyone who has ever gone into a skid on a motorcycle.

The jeans are straight-cut with a relaxed seat and thigh to allow plenty of flexibility for the wearer. They feature “triple over-lock safety stitched critical seams” with another level of safety stitching in the interior and a 3M Scotchlite reflective tab hidden on the bottom for better night-time visibility.

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If the wearer isn’t satisfied with that level of protection or simply anticipates falling off their bike at some point, they can also purchase another layer of knee and hip armor produced by SAS-TEC. The armor is constructed from viscoelastic foam used in orthopedics and occupational health and safety functions, and can be inserted into pockets sewn into the jeans.

“Our Cortech team has been dedicated to producing high-quality, performance-enhancing motorcycle apparel and gear since 1999, and these jeans are no exception,” Bob Miller, co-owner of Helmet House Inc. said in a statement sent to Motorcycle & Powersports News. “We pride ourselves on our product and both offerings have met excellent standards in testing. We’re proud to be able to offer these jeans at affordable price points in the market and look forward to releasing even more new apparel and gear in what’s shaping up to be an exciting 2019 for Cortech.”

Implementing Cordura fabrics in high-performance apparel for motorsports is a natural move, considering the company’s roots in military fibers. Performance denim has been a focus for Cordura in recent years, and it’s yielded partnerships with denim mills like the Artistic Milliners and Cone Mills for advanced protective gear that still meets fashion’s standards.

The Primary and The Standard will go on sale on and at its selected distributors across the country in February. The Primary will retail for $199.99 and The Standard will be available for $124.99.