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Why You Won’t See Basic 5-Pocket Jeans from Designer Daniel Silverstain

Women’s wear designer Daniel Silverstain finds beauty in denim by using it in unconventional ways.

Known for exuberant use of textiles, New York-based Silverstain has taken a particular interest in denim. He has coated it, waxed it and treated it in ways that no longer resemble denim. However, the fabric brings a sense of familiarity to Silverstain’s futuristic and architectural designs.

“Denim is a fun material to work with,” he said. “It brings wearability to pieces and balances collections.”

Plus, the appeal of denim is universal. “When you tell a customer a piece is denim, they love it because they relate to it. It’s a user-friendly fabric, people know what to do with it and they understand how denim behaves,” he said.

Daniel Silverstain
Daniel Silverstain Daniel Silverstain

Upcoming collections include chambray and colored denim in pops of red and green. What you won’t find from Silverstain is a basic pair of 5-pocket blue jeans.

“Now, every brand has their pair of jeans, but I don’t see us as part of that,” he said. “We’re using denim in less conventional ways. We don’t have a traditional blue jean—there’s no need for it—there’s enough of that in the market. We want to bring something fun and fresh.