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Daria Werbowy & AG Jeans Embrace Genderless Dressing for Spring ’16

Gender-neutral dressing is set to push even further into the mainstream this year, and so it’s a sign of the times that high-end denim brand AG Jeans is using a female model to front both their women and men’s denim lines.

For AG’s Spring ’16 campaign, model Daria Werbowy is photographed by Cass Bird modeling a selection of men’s and women’s clothing, showcasing the versatility of denim for all genders.

In an interview with Refinery 29, AG Jeans said they were drawn to the idea because of Werbowy’s versatility, and because of a recent trend of gender-neutral campaigns, from Acne Studios to Louis Vuitton hiring Jaden Smith for their womenswear campaign.

“It’s not often you have the opportunity to work with someone like Daria,” Johnathan Crocker, AG Jeans’ director of global communications, told Refinery29. “And part of those advantages are that your parameters, so to speak, are limitless. We saw the recent trend of some designer brands shooting men in womenswear and thought doing just the opposite could/would be interesting and noteworthy. We didn’t see any other brands doing it, so we thought the timing was right. There are few women who could successfully pull this off, and we truly [believed] no one could do it better than Daria.”

According to data from NPD group, genderless fashion is expected to grow as both high-end designers and mass market retailers blur the line between traditional gender norms, and as Millennial shoppers – more than half of whom believe gender exists on a spectrum and shouldn’t be limited to male or female – become of increasing importance to fashion’s bottom line.