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DEN/IM 2.0 Enhances Knit Denim

Performance apparel is on a continuous track toward improvement. All-stars in the denim supply chain will share their latest development in integrating performance benefits into the authentic denim world at Munich Fabric Start’s Bluzone on Sept. 5-7.

Lenzing, Santoni, Tonello and Unitin will present DEN/IM 2.0, a new and improved collection of athleisure garments made with stretch indigo on seamless circular knitting machines. DEN/IM 2.0 follows the August 2016 launch of DEN/IM, which initially touted knit denim as a viable alternative and competitor to traditional activewear bottoms.

The four companies came together again to tweak and enhance the concept. The updated collection emphasizes new elements like compression, ventilation, moisture control, thermal conductivity and body mapping.

Each knitted garment in the collection incorporates different combinations of fibers and knitted structures to create a unique cross-over concept.

Engineered ventilation areas, 3-D knitted structures and padded areas are strategically positioned on garments. Body mapping seamless sportswear consists of one piece of multiple knit structure fabric, which provides improved wear comfort by adjusting to personalized body heat exchanges. Tencel fibers help regulate body temperature and provide moisture wicking properties.

“Denim is a versatile partner to pair with anything and is a must-have in every season,” said Tricia Carey, Lenzing’s director of global business development for denim. “In an age where new innovations and interpretations drive the denim category, there is always something that emerges as a new way forward and DEN/IM 2.0 is presenting itself as that new evolution.”