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Denham’s New Collection Honors Japanese Craftsmanship

The Tokyo Summer Olympics games may have come to a close, but Japan’s heyday is far from over, as demonstrated by Denham’s latest capsule collection. The Amsterdam-based denim brand combined East and West elements with its newly released range honoring the Japanese aesthetic and incorporating Japanese fabrics and graphics, as well as jewelry crafted by a local artist.

The Japanese capsule collection fuses military wear, modern-day uniforms and authentic Japanese style using denim as an anchor.

A 13.5 oz. dark indigo relaxed fit and a 10 oz. slim fit selvedge jean serve as the line’s foundation. Two denim jackets are also featured in the exclusive collection; one made of vintage Japanese “Boro” fabric and the other featuring a tiger graphic with the message “Worship tradition, destroy convention” on the back.

Japanese culture is further honored with an illustration of a pine bonsai tree, which symbolizes harmony, peace and balance, and the use of Sashiko, a type of traditional Japanese stitching used for the decorative and functional reinforcement of fabrics.

Other items in the range include a lightweight indigo work shirt, as well as T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, outerwear and accessories. Jewelry is designed by Japanese artist BOROnote, who crafted necklaces from the classic Boro fabric.

The collection celebrates the 10-year partnership between founder Jason Denham and Aki Negishi, Denham Japan’s CEO. The brand entered the market in 2008 and expanded into Asia just two years later with the launch of its first Japanese store in Tokyo’s Daikanyama district. Today, the market has become one of the biggest and most successful for the brand, with collections sold in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto, and plans to expand in the future.

Denham, a champion of Japanese denim and craftsmanship, said “Japan has some of the best fabrics around,” and described the culture’s taste level as unparalleled.

The collection is now available on the Denham website, with prices ranging from 50 euros to 1,600 euros ($59-$1,900).