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Denim Expert Ltd. Receives German Investment Toward Sustainable Practices

Bangladesh has become the second largest Asian supplier of denim to Europe, with exports growing 15.53% to €932.86 million (approximately $1.1 billion) in 2015. While incidents like Rana Plaza looming in the consciousness of the industry, Denim Expert Ltd. (DEL), a vertically integrated denim manufacturing company, is making an effort to encourage sustainability and fair labor as the denim market grows.

DEL announced plans for a development partnership with the German Investment Corporation. The Bangladeshi denim manufacturer will work with the German government’s program, which subsidizes sustainable projects in developing and emerging markets.

The collaboration launched in December 2015 and is designed to last for two years. DEL qualified for the program because of the facility’s commitment to the reduction of water usage and energy and chemical consumption.

In addition to optimizing the facility’s environmental awareness, DEL will also build a denim production training center with modern tools and machinery. The training center will admit up to 100 trainees that will be able to receive an education in theory and practice. DEL will partner for education with companies including the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and the Bangladesh Denim Expo.

The training curriculum will include social and environmental standards and production and quality management. The courses will also provide specialist knowledge on washing, dyeing, design and product development. The program will be adapted to the needs of each target group such as students, tailors, foremen or managers.

DEL said that in the long run, the company is looking to help create a more sustainable textile industry in Bangladesh.