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Denim Experts Come Together to Create “Rational Denim”

Archroma, Garmon, Lenzing and Royo collaborated on a project to produce denim garments based on the most efficient possible use of resources. The project, presented at Kingpins Show in Amsterdam on April 13-14, focused on water savings from fiber to finish.

Archoma quoted a study that declared that 1.8 trillion liters of water are consumed monthly in the production of jeans. In order to try and save the most water and energy and reduce waste, Archroma used its Advanced Denim technology.

The Advanced Denim process requires only one impregnation of the yarn in the dyebath, using only a small volume of coloring liquor. The process also fixes 100 percent of the applied dye on the fiber, eliminating the need to consume more water washing off the unfixed dye. Advanced Denim allows water saving of approximately 90 percent compared to standard indigo dyeing applications.

Miguel Sanchez, Archroma head global business development, segment denim and casualwear, explained that the issue with the consumption of water is not only the waste, but also the pollution from the effluents that may contain different chemical species that might be even hazardous and require special water treatments.

Sanchez said, “In general terms, brands and retailers have a limited view of what sustainability means. There is a  good focus either on the fiber selection and the finishing of the garments, or both, by most of them. But this is just a part of the whole thing.”

Andrew Olah, Kingpins founder and organizer, commented, “With growing urbanization of our planet and lifestyle, we see consumers looking to connect back to nature and to do what is in their power to protect it.” He continued, “This is why Kingpins is proud to support Archroma, Garmon, Lenzing and Royo in a project that shows that sustainability is not a boundary, quite the opposite: it is a source of inspiration and desire for fashion with soul and care.”