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When Denim is Flexible Enough for a Contortionist

One young girl is getting bent out of shape over denim with TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers.

In fact, as a contortionist, Liu Teng gets bent out of shape for a living—and she’s setting records doing it in denim made with TENCEL® fibers.SJP_1390

Dubbed the most flexible woman in China, the 25-year-old just broke a Guinness World Record earlier this month for fastest time to travel 20 meters in a contortion roll, clocking 15.54 seconds.

Liu makes the moves look easy, but more than that, she gives denim a different perception as the fabric has long been known for being rigid, and even with the influx of stretch, denim has still never been considered activewear. Though for Liu, that’s precisely the purpose it serves.

Carved in Blue caught up with Liu to get a look inside her bendy life and figure out what’s making her want to wear denim to do what she does.

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