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Denim Highlights from Texworld USA

It was all about fiber blends at Texworld USA in New York City last month, with one exhibitor after another turning to multiple fibers to achieve the quality and performance consumers demand.

The textile trade show was abuzz with buyers looking for the next thing in fabrics, and what many of them found to meet their needs were fabrics made from a mix of fibers from exhibitors at the Lenzing Innovation Pavilion.

For China’s Zhejiang Matsui Textile Co., which exhibited at the show, indigo crinkle was a big selling point. The company developed the product for a European retaileras fabrics with more texture have been popular. To make it, Matsui blended 90 percent cotton with 10 percent TENCEL® to get the right hand and the right properties.

“Customers need more hand feel with more character within the fiber,” Matsui’s Moto Peng said. The company has blends of TENCEL® with polyester, with linen, with wool and with cotton to accommodate all seasons and performance for various types of garments. “Consumers can have more choice, more options for the garment, so we can sell more. Only one kind of composition in this fabric is not enough.”

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