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Thomas Stege Bojer Wants to Help Denim Brands Tell Their Story

Denimhunters is shifting gears. No longer the go-to blog for raw denim enthusiasts, Denimhunters is becoming a resource for retailers and industry insiders. The jean expert and voice behind Denimhunters, Thomas Stege Bojer, is in the process of leveraging his storytelling skills and denim knowledge to create a denim focused educational platform to assist brands and companies in the denim industry.

“It’s more about how you actually contextualize denim knowledge,” Bojer said. With this, he plans to to write and publish guides that can help retailers or brands understand how denim is manufactured or piece together how they might market the product to their consumer. “It’s about helping people who work with denim and jeans become better salespersons,” he explained.

Flashback to 2010, when Bojer took a job working as a buyer for a retail store and began documenting his interest in raw, premium market denim in his blog. During the next few years Bojer fell in love with the processes and heritage behind denim and over time Denimhunters captured the attention of denimheads and professionals alike. The blog become a viable full-time gig as his reputation and knowledge of denim grew, but what Bojer came to realize was that the challenges of chasing traffic for ads. Focusing on Denim Hunters’ click rates was taking away from his focus on content.

His solution? Keep the name, but tweak the product and change the target demographic.

Bojer imagines Denimhunters to become an educational hub and publication for denim. Not only does he want to give his clients a resource to read and learn, but he plans on providing hands-on guidance along the way with brand development and on-sight retail training.

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During Denimhunters’ early days, the focus of Bojer’s writing was exclusively on raw denim and the high-end market. For Denimhunters 2.0, he’s targeting newcomers or non-premium brands where he says information hasn’t been so widespread. “If you take retailers that I might go into myself like Self Edge or Blue in Green, I can’t teach them anything. They know what they’re doing,” he said.

As an online school for denim, Denimhunters will provide clients with videos on jean’s history, production and retail guidance. The first three videos to launch on Denimhunter’s “Academy” section are acted out by Bojer himself. Bojer also promises individual lessons for Academy members, including case studies and masterclasses, taught with a denim expert co-host.

The Academy is expected to go live in February and will also include weekly podcasts on different denim topics.

Before all of the pieces for the new Denimhunters fell into place, Bojer has spent time speaking with brands to gauge their interest. “Quite a few of the big brands I’ve been talking to that are really interested are realizing that retail is changing,” he said. “Consumers buy online, prices are going down—there’s a lot more competition. If you’re a brand that’s in-between the super high-end premium market and the really, really low price market, what’s differentiating you from the rest,” he said. “When I pitch the idea, they’re like hell yeah we need more knowledge.”