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Denim Living: Nudie Jeans Introduces Recycled Denim Home Goods

Swedish denim maker Nudie Jeans has taking its eco-friendly ethos into a whole new direction by repurposing denim scraps into limited-edition rag rugs and foldable stools.

According to, the denim label—known for using organic cotton in its line and featuring a denim repair shop inside its retail stores—was inspired by camping gear. The stools, with seats woven from the inseams and outseams of jeans, can be used for traveling or in homes, while the rag rugs are composed of shredded pieces of denim.

The company recycles up to 90 percent of a jean. The parts not reused in the home products, including pockets, rivets, buttons, and waistbands, are kept for future projects.

Nudie Jeans has made 250 camper stools, which sell for about $299 each. Shoppers can select from 275 small rugs (about $499), or from 75 large rugs, which retail for about $899.