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Denim Première Vision Returns to Paris; Raises Scheduling Issues

After five seasons in Spain, Denim Première Vision is saying adiós to Barcelona and bonjour, once again, to Paris.

In an email sent on Friday to past exhibitors, the trade show revealed that it will be returning to its home base as soon as its next event, scheduled for Nov. 2-3 at the new Paris Event Center. This is 15 days earlier than scheduled, and if these dates sound familiar, that’s because Kingpins will also take place Nov. 2-3 in New York City.

Kingpins New York Founder Andrew Olah told Rivet he’s understands Première Vision’s decision to return the show to its roots in Paris. However, Olah said he is “astonished” to hear that they placed their show dates exactly on top of Kingpins New York’s schedule.

“This is a decision I am sure they weighed very deeply, but it creates headaches for both of our exhibitors who wish to participate in Kingpins New York and Première Vision in Paris,” he said.

“Not sure why we would want our best patrons to suffer the most, but I feel badly for these exhibitors. No mill can handle two shows at the same time properly—that is what is so sad about the dates overlapping,” he continued.

Denim Première Vision stated that the earlier dates “correspond to an adjustment in relation to the market’s realities.” As mid-season collections continue to grow, many brands have changed the timing of design and product development for their main collections. As a result, Première Vision said earlier dates are more desirable.

In a press release, Chantal Malingrey, Denim Première Vision director, said, “For Denim Première Vision, which primarily targets the creative brands of the sector, it is important to take place at the right time so that the exhibitors are ready to offer brands almost all of their collections and their latest seasonal developments.”

Denim Première Vision is also encouraging exhibitors to tone down their booths with limited personalized structures and decorations in order to refocus attention on product.

Booths will be limited in size, from 16-square-meters (52.5-square-feet) to a maximum of 100-square-meters (328-square-feet). Exhibitors will be able to decorate the inside of their booth, however all outside structures will be provided by Denim Première Vision.

New concepts and dates aside, exhibitors and visitors cannot be in two places at once and most companies will have to decide which city—New York or Paris—to which they’ll send their team.

Olah said, “The market always decides, and we’ll find out soon.”