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Denim Première Vision Wants to Be a Resource for All

For 10 years Denim Première Vision has been a witness to the denim industry’s evolution. The upcoming edition taking place at the Paris Event Center November 14-15 is a culmination of change with dual events geared toward denim pure players, up-and-coming designers and for the first time, consumers.

“One of the ways denim has evolved is that now there’s a lot of different communities in denim,” said Director of Denim Première Vision Chantal Malingrey. “The show aims to build a program for all.”

As denim grew from being a commodity item for workers into an entire trend-driven fashion category, Malingrey said mills’ collections inevitably widened and the demand for information and design inspiration deepened. With the introduction of fibers like Lycra, Cordura and Tencel, and the emergence of denim in sportswear, couture and activewear, Malingrey says the need for denim education is stronger than ever.

For the upcoming show, Denim Première Vision worked to create a seminar and workshop schedule that prompts the industry to know more about denim and its potential.

“It’s about knowing where denim is going, it’s about design inspiration, influencers and product innovation and where denim fits into the cultural and social scenes,” Malingrey said. “Some of the best people from the creative and innovation side will be speaking at the event.”

Seminar topics will cover the meaning of circular economy, tips for a successful denim collaboration, digital storytelling, what’s next for denim culture and the next phase of recycled denim.

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Additionally, Denim Première Vision introduces a new Small Minimum Quantities section catering to online brands that need quick turnaround. The space will bring together a selection of fashion manufacturers, laundries and finishes offering flexible production volumes and fast to market services.

While the last decade of denim has seen a lot of change in fashion and manufacturing, Malingrey says the needle is finally moving toward more innovation.

Innovation, fashion and heritage combine for Spring/Summer 2019, creating one of the strongest and most diverse offerings to date, Malingrey said. “The trend area is still important,” she said, adding that it too has evolved to include spaces for “smart creations” and responsible denim.

To showcase these themes, the show tapped eight avant-garde designers to work with mills like Kassim, Artistic Milliners, Soorty and more to create looks that encapsulates the trends and inspire others to think beyond what they already know about denim.

Looks span fluid dress and jumpsuits, outfits made from upcycled denim scraps and knit-inspired jacquard denim, to jean jackets with burn effects and pleated technical denim.

The same eight designers—Savoar-Fer Paris, Proemes De Paris, Hannah Brabon, Afterhomework, Tiia Maria Jaakkola, Ampersand Heart, Fade Out Label and Knorts—will take part in Denim Première Vision first-ever Denim Pop Up Street in Le Marais. The designers will open temporary stores along Rue du Vertbois for consumers to shop and for the industry to discover new talent.

Other Denim Pop Up Street participants include Blitz, Jean Jacques, Kiliwatch, Johnny Gonzo, Blu Block among others. The event runs Tuesday to Thursday and is open to the public.

Malingrey added that the Pop Up event reflects how the new generation sources inspiration. “It can be art, furniture, streetwear—we’re trying to bring these elements together for one inspiring event,” she said.