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Denim Tears, Stüssy Reunite for NYC-Themed Collection

Tremaine Emory keeps the collaborations coming.

The founder-designer of buzzy brand Denim Tears has created a third capsule with streetwear label Stüssy. The duo previously worked with Swedish brand Our Legacy on two collections that dropped this fall and in 2021 respectively.

The so-called Stüssy Tears men’s and women’s collection is inspired by Tremaine’s hometown of Jamaica, Queens in New York in the 1990s. One piece merges Denim Tears’ cotton wreath insignia with Stüssy’s double S logo patterned and pressed on a Levi’s denim ensemble. A cardigan boasts a knitted iteration of the Liberty Rock, a boulder/monument in Queens that was painted red, black and green in the late 1960s as a symbol of the Black Power and Pan-African movements.

Other offerings include a half-zip sweatshirt with the words “Jamaica, Queens” on the front, a camouflage hunting jacket, floral print pants and knitted belts and bags with symbolic red, black, green and gold stripes in a tribute to one version of the African-American pride flag. On it, red represents bloodshed, black the people, green the Earth and gold the richness of the community.

The collection’s debut comes one week to the day after Dior Homme unveiled its collaboration with Tremaine, who is also the creative director at Supreme. Dubbed Dior Tears, the collection was shown at an elaborate presentation at the new archeological museum in Cairo. In addition, Denim Tears released its second co-branded collection with Levi’s in July.

Stüssy Tears is available in North America, Europe, Japan and Korea at select Dover Street Market locations, select Stüssy stores and on