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Dickies Taps Real Artists and Creators for New Campaign

Workwear may be trending now, but before it was a fashion statement, it was a functional style worn by artists, creators and makers.

Dickies, a leading performance workwear brand, is honoring the original meaning of workwear with a new marketing campaign that puts workers from various industries at the forefront.

Its multi-platform campaign “Yours to Make” features Channel Tres, a music producer; Samantha Huston, a leather and saddle maker; Yaniv Evan, a mechanic and custom bike builder; Bob Libo, a welder; Jules Muck, artist and muralist; and Ronnie Sandoval, professional skateboarder and member of the Dickies Skateboarding team. The campaign include a video that follows each of them across a day in their lives as a 1940s jazz song—remixed by Tres—plays in the background.

“Yours to Make is all about showcasing the pride and the dignity of workers and makers,” said Denny Bruce, Dickies global brand president. “We want to show everyone that we see them as they see themselves—producers and contributors. We’re here to stand behind them like we always have.”

Since Dickies launched in 1922, it’s evolved into a fashion brand worn by celebrities and musical artists at fashion-forward events such as the Met Gala and Billboard Music Awards.

The multi-platform marketing campaign, created in partnership with global creative company Sid Lee, debuted on Tuesday and includes national television, radio, digital, social and custom content.

This taps into a larger trend of brands using real people—not just actors, models or others typically in the spotlight—in their campaigns. Sanctuary Clothing, NYDJ and Kut from the Kloth have each called on authentic voices for recent campaigns.