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Diesel Debuts App to Protect Against Counterfeiters

Diesel teamed up with Certilogo, an item authentication company, to help consumers verify and authenticate their Diesel denim.

“In a new consumer landscape driven by appreciation for high quality, we embrace the trust of our consumers, creating a direct dialogue with them,” said Diesel CEO Alessandro Bogliolo. “With Certilogo we will empower Diesel fans to authenticate the unique identity of our denim, making sure they shop our original products in a safe and secure way.”

Diesel’s jeans will feature a Certilogo code heat-printed onto a label in the waistband that can be scanned for authenticity. To confirm that their Diesel denim is authentic, consumers can either scan the Certilogo code with a smartphone’s QRcode reader, use a dedicated Certilogo application made specifically for Diesel, or register and enter the product’s code manually on Certilogo’s website.

“This is a smart move on Diesel’s part,” said Certilogo CEO Michele Casucci. “The relationship between brands and consumers has changed in the digital age. It’s not acceptable to say, ‘Buyer beware and good luck’ about fakes when every one of us has the technology in our pocket to stop it.”

Shoppers seem to have taken to the verification app. Diesel reported shoppers from more than 70 countries connecting to the platform to authenticate items—and 64 percent of the authentications were performed after an in-store purchase.