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Unwrapping the Diesel and Durex Collab

The collaboration that raised eyebrows during Milan Fashion Week in February has arrived in stores. 

The Diesel x Durex capsule collection launched Friday with unisex styles that send a sex positive message. The collection includes a gray mélange T-shirt and hoodie, a pair of five-pocket straight leg jeans in light wash denim and a denim baseball cap. 

Items are emblazoned with the phrase “For Sucsexful Living,” a cheeky play on Diesel’s brand mantra, For Successful Living, and feature a logo that blends Diesel’s big D and Durex logos. 

The collection retails for $95-$295 and is available at Diesel stores. 

In addition, 300,000 Diesel x Durex co-branded condom boxes will be given away for free at Diesel stores around the world.

The unique partnership brings the “subject of sexual freedom and choice to the forefront of culture” and highlights how the two brands have a history for being “unafraid to challenge taboos or engage in global conversations about choice.” 

Diesel x Durex

Diesel teased the collection at its Fall/Winter 2023-2024 runway show. The set was decorated with an avalanche of 200,000 Durex condom boxes.

While this is the first time Durex has stepped into the fashion world with a dedicated collection, the intimate wellness brand did introduce in 2017 a range of condoms in India that featured a slimmer packet designed to disappear in body-hugging jean pockets. The product and its accompanying campaign aimed to break the taboo of buying and carrying condoms in the South Asian nation, where condom use was not widely accepted.