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Diesel Streamlines Omnichannel Experience as Online Demand Spikes

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of an omnichannel business model. With retail stores closed around the world, denim brands continue to rely heavily on other consumer touch points to stay afloat.

Diesel’s latest launch equips the premium denim brand with the tools necessary for survival during these challenging times. On Thursday, the Italian denim brand launched Moon, an omnichannel operating model that connects all aspect of the business—web, mobile, social media, phone, stores and warehouse—and provides B2B and B2C efficiencies.

On the consumer side, Moon offers a seamless shopping experience. Through the platform, shoppers have access to all of Diesel’s current global stock, and can easily pre-order products and arrange in-store returns, same-day pickups and same-day deliveries. The platform will also offer personalized experiences for users as more purchases are made.

On the business side, Moon gives Diesel full control of its order management system and provides enhanced logistics operations, including universal stock fluidity between warehouses and stores. It also provides total integration of omnichannel client services, resulting in best-in-class customer relations, the company stated.

The platform, which took 13 months to develop, was deployed at a crucial time. While e-commerce accounted for 12 percent of Diesel’s business in 2019, the company said the channel has significantly spiked this year as a result of the pandemic.

Other brands have begun offering new digital services to connect with consumers during these challenging times. Earlier this month, Paige unveiled a virtual styling feature to connect shoppers with retail staff. The service allows consumers to view new collections, ask questions on fit and color and receive personal recommendations via video chat.