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Stefano Rosso Named Diesel North America CEO

Diesel named Stefano Rosso as its North America CEO on Tuesday.

Italian-born Rosso, son of Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel and OTB, studied at the Fashion Institute of New York (FIT), before working with Diesel in various areas within the company, from marketing to production.

Later on Rosso left Diesel to become director of corporate development of OTB, Diesel’s parent company. He held the role for six years before being named North American CEO for Diesel.

“Diesel is the company I was literally born into, and North America the market I feel closest to me,” said Rosso. “In this particular moment of the reboot of our brand, this part of the world, so iconic and inspirational to our denim core business, will play a key role in the global plan and I am here to fully maximize the potential of the brand and contribute to taking it to new heights.”