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Diesel’s Creates Immersive Experience for Buyers with New Digital Showroom

Diesel and parent company OTB are putting their own spin on digital showrooms and the result is right on brand.

The company recently launched Hyperoom, a 360-degree digital platform and exhibition space to facilitate orders with vendors and buyers. Through the virtual showroom, Diesel aims to streamline the order-taking process and “minimize” the fact that the company’s exchanges with clients cannot take place in person.

OTB worked with Obsess, an augmented and virtual reality software platform that allows for highly interactive and branded online stores. The New York City-based tech firm has worked with Levi’s, Farfetch and Tommy Hilfiger to enhance virtual shopping experiences.

When buyers are connected to Hyperoom, they can view mood videos of the Diesel’s Spring/Summer ’21 collections and explore garments and accessories rendered in 360-degree displays in an industrial-inspired digital space. Detailed 2D images with product descriptions are also available.

A dedicated space will spotlight denim products, offering buyers the opportunity to view “video fits” of each style. High-quality rendered images, the company said, help “reproduce the touch and feel of the physical product.” Buyers are also connected with a Diesel representative throughout the process, and a simple interface provides the buyer with an overview of their selections when they’re ready to finalize an order.

Diesel and parent company OTB are putting their own spin on digital showrooms and the result is right on brand.

Along with providing a communication and business solution for OTB, Hyperoom also comes with sustainability-minded environmental benefits. With this new buying platform, the company says it will be “significantly reducing” the number of samples created to go on display in its showrooms, as well as reducing the need to travel to view new collections.

“Not only will the carbon emissions of local traffic in Milan be reduced, but as buyers from all over the world join in with this incredible innovation, there will be a significant reduction in flights,” the company said.

The technology will not be limited to Diesel. Each OTB brand, including Amiri, Maison Margiela, Marni and more will exist within Hyperoom, retaining its own style and personality through a customized section of the platform.