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Diesel Taps Into the Travel Trend with a New Samsonite Collaboration

Diesel’s latest collaboration pushes the denim brand into new territory.

The apparel company teamed with Samsonite on a line of luggage that demonstrates the same boundary-pushing style Diesel is known for.

The collaboration consists of three special edition collections that reimagine iconic Samsonite pieces: the high-volume hardside Neopulse suitcase, a durable suitcase with rolling double wheels available in four sizes; the softside Paradiver Light range, which consists of a laptop bag, a cabin-size duffle on wheels backpack and two check-in duffles on wheels; and the Openroad business collection, which features a laptop bag and a weekender backpack.

Samsonite x Diesel collection
Samsonite x Diesel collection Courtesy

The Samsonite x Diesel collections boasts key travel features such as a USB port for charging on the go, an integrated drawstring backpack and—the collection’s trademark—transparency. Each piece in the collection features a solid black base that gradually fades into clear. The company used this concept of partial transparency as the foundation of its campaign.

“The idea behind this collaboration and its campaign is fueled by our current era: We live in a time where the balance of what we share vs. what we keep private is constantly in flux. Inevitably, all of us live part of our lives in public—be that through social media, our work, our social groups,” Andrea Rosso, creative director of Diesel Licenses, said in a press release.

“Yet with the rise of the digital age, awareness of privacy—data, photos, material possessions and so much more—has also increased,” Rosso added. “The design of these bags reflects the balance we all must calibrate; it allows for the world to see some of what we are, but not all of who we are.”

A video created for the campaign follows people leading paradoxical lives—a motorcyclist who changes into workout clothes; a goth club-goer who ends the night wearing teddy bear pajamas—and lives up to the high expectations Diesel has set for its creative marketing.

In September, the company launched its “Enjoy Before Returning” campaign, which urged wearers to make the most of their garments while they still have them. The video followed partygoers wearing looks from its latest collection with the tag prominently displayed—implying that they planned to return the items immediately after.

Diesel’s bold marketing makes it a top contender for collaborations. The Samsonite x Diesel collection will be available online and in Samsonite and Diesel stores, as well as in select department stores immediately.