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Diesel Invites Fans to ‘Sit Like a Boss’

Being good at sitting could win you the title of Diesel CEO for a week, according to a video posted on the brand’s Facebook page Friday.

In the minute-long short film, the company pokes fun at its hunt for a new CEO following the resignation of Alessandro Bogliolo. In July, Bogliolo announced he was leaving Diesel to serve as CEO and director at Tiffany & Co.

Diesel Founder Renzo Rosso stars in the film, sitting center stage in an all-white room wearing a denim shirt with black jeans.

“Internet people good morning, our CEO has just resigned,” Rosso opens the film. “Leaving an empty space in our hearts, our minds, but most importantly he leaves an empty chair.”

Sitting is the number one aspect that the company seems to be looking for in a new leader, according to the tongue-in-cheek video which has so far garnered over 665,000 views on Facebook. The video then shows an empty chair, presumably where the new CEO will sit.

The social media competition invites fans to post a picture sitting in a chair. The winner of the competition then gets to travel to Diesel’s headquarters in Breganze, Italy and test out the chair—serving as a fun interactive way to reach consumers all over the world.

“Come to Diesel HQ in Italy and sit like a boss for a week,” urged Rosso. “Because sitting is not easy.”