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Diesel’s New Collection Includes Updated Pieces from the ’90s

The second collection of Diesel x Diesel, a conceptual collection that adds a fresh perspective to the brand’s archives, recently dropped with a distinctly ’90s look and feel.

The next “chapter,” as Diesel calls it, focuses on “pop sportswear and technical workwear.”

Sportswear items include a redux of a 1992 leather bomber jacket originally issued for Diesel’s 10th anniversary, a mixed-material Trucker jacket from 1988 and 1989, and a graphic jacquard mohair knit sweater with a zipped front that dates to 1995 and 1996.

In the workwear segment, a cotton canvas coat that references a garment from 1994 is reimagined with corduroy and tape details. Loose-fitting denim from 1991 and a nylon skirt from 1995 are updated for 2021 as well.

The Diesel x Diesel concept is the brainchild of creative director Glenn Martens and Diesel founder Renzo Rosso. In a letter, Martens described how when he arrived at the Italian denim brand, Rosso was studying how to fuse the label’s heritage with the style and demands of consumers today.

“Our intention is to steer Diesel into the 2020s with a new focus; one that honors its iconicity and its unique history, yet one that is powered by today’s globalized and interconnected currents,” he said.

In March, the brand debuted the Diesel x Diesel concept with 24 revamped archival pieces stamped with a “distinctly North American aesthetic” inspired by the research trips Rosso and his design team took in the late ’80s. Design elements include distressed leather, American road trip-inspired patchwork and workwear.

The brand has gone on to include other Gen Z-oriented concepts, including the Diesel Library, a line of evergreen denim pieces, and a genderless Spring 2022 runway collection.

The second Diesel x Diesel collection is available now in select Diesel stores and website.