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Diesel Launches Antimicrobial Unisex Capsule Collection

Diesel’s latest drop is a sartorial sign of the times.

While lockdown orders lift around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired a new crop of health- and safety-conscious consumers, and Diesel’s Upfreshing capsule collection taps into the latest demands.

Featuring antimicrobial and antibacterial properties with a droplet barrier, garments within the collection can add a layer of protection for wearers. Available immediately on the Diesel website, the 20-piece capsule includes unisex garments within the Spring 2020 collection that have been updated with a finishing application of Protector Shield technology.

Denim styles include skinny jeans in black, indigo and light-wash denim. Diesel’s signature logo hoodies, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts in black, navy and white are also included in the collection.

Garments with this coating require fewer washes, which also translates to environmental benefits. Fewer wash cycles saves water and energy and reduces the amount of microfiber pollution in the world’s oceans.

Recently, Turkish denim mill Calik Denim debuted a line of denim fabrics with similar characteristics, pointing to a larger shift in consumer priorities in a post-coronavirus world. Fabric developer PG Denim and chemical specialist Rudolf Group are also partnering on a fabric collection that will offer consumers protection from infectious bacteria.

Product updates are just one part of Diesel’s plan for navigating the pandemic. Last month, the Italian denim brand launched Moon, an omnichannel operating model that connects all aspect of the business and helps streamline everything from shopping to inventory management. The brand also debuted a collection of Made in Italy jeans.