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Dockers Releases Made in USA Collection

Brands are thinking local ahead of the holidays.

Last week Levi Strauss & Co.’s Dockers brand released the “Made In The USA” collection of unisex tops and bottoms.  

The garments’ journey began in Colorado and Vermont, where sustainably grown cotton was spun into premium fabrics, and ended in a Los Angeles clothing factory where each piece is sewed end-to-end.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into earning the ‘Made in America’ tag, so we’re incredibly proud to launch this collection,” said Nic Rendic, Dockers global head of design. “Every style infuses our love for the craft with the laid-back look we’re known for. And this is just the beginning for us—we’re excited to continue this work and eventually expand our U.S.-made line.”


Like its recent retail expansion, the collection also highlights how Dockers’ has become a go-to heritage brand for more than just khakis. 

Elevated tops include a crew sweatshirt in Nutria Black and Caviar and a T-shirt in Bright White, Nutria Black, Caviar and Dress Blues. Bottoms include a relaxed, tapered take on the chino in Golden Khaki and Dockers Navy.

“These clean-cut, oversized styles capture the casual appeal of today’s Dockers expression with a nod to the loose fit vintage Dockers look,” Dockers said.


The collection, which retails for $40-$140, is available now on Dockers’ website.

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The domestically made Dockers collection arrives at the same time as Imogene + Willie collaborated with Alpha Industries on a “Made in USA” range including a jacket, tees, fleece and military chinos.

K.P. McNeill, CEO of Imogene + Willie, said the partnership with Alpha Industries is an example of how a smaller domestic brand can influence larger companies to “think about keeping production closer to home” and inspire consumers to think about how and where products are made.