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Dockers and Transnomadica Release a Collection of Pre-2000s Khakis

A new collaboration between Dockers and Transnomadica, the online vintage marketplace launched last year by Atelier & Repairs co-founder Maurizio Donadi, explores the history of khakis long before terms like “dadcore” and “Kornacki khakis” ever entered the cultural lexicon.

Together, they curated and launched “Oh Khaki, My Khaki,” a collection of over 100 pieces of unique vintage khaki and casual lifestyle garments, ranging from the late ’80s to the early ’90s available now on the Transnomadica website.

The driving force behind the partnership was an “examination of the everlasting appeal of khaki” and a search for pieces featuring pre-2000s labels and tags. Though many of the details found throughout the assortment—like pleats, cargo pockets, cuffed-hems and patchwork—can be found on the production line today, “Oh Khaki, My Khaki” aims to spark an appreciation for vintage and uncover the history behind what we wear.

That was the impetus behind Donadi’s decision to launch Transnomadica—to give consumers a trusted source that honors the historic value of archival garments. The business venture is also in line with Donadi’s mission to reduce excess garments and to extend the lifecycle of textiles.

“The long nomadic journey of our clothes is of great interest to me,” Donadi said. “While constantly researching for unique and inspiring objects for the Transnomadica archive, I come across brands and their products that merit observation, study and ultimately worth prolonging their lives. Not many brands have been so democratic in price and of good quality as Dockers.”

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Dockers and Transnomadica bowed “Oh Khaki, My Khaki,” a collection of over 100 pieces of vintage khaki and casual lifestyle garments.
Dockers x Transnomadica Courtesy

The “simplicity” and “usefulness” of the khakis and the brand itself, he added, make Dockers one of the few brands that is responsible for establishing the casual American look.

“The assortment of products we sourced for this project reflects the product philosophy of this brand and the purity of its message: for all to use and for a long time. All products are ready for their second lives,” he said.

The collaboration arrives during Dockers’ 35th anniversary—a reflective time for the company as it looks back at its past and what made it successful from the start.

“The brand has always believed in a casual lifestyle, and has designed and created products with intention, and to inspire confidence,” said Lauren Johnson, Dockers global head of marketing. “This partnership with Maurizio proves that what Dockers makes endures—both literally and from a style point of view. That’s meaningful.”

Dockers x Transnomadica
Dockers x Transnomadica Courtesy

This is Dockers’ second collaboration with Donadi. In 2019, the label partnered with his Atelier & Repairs brand on a collection that used one of Dockers’ best-selling silhouettes—the Signature Khaki—only reimagined and upcycled with utilitarian style elements to promote sustainability within the apparel industry.

Retail prices for the “Oh Khaki, My Khaki” collection range from $45-$125. Items available for sale include double-pleated khakis and flat-front khakis, as well as logo tees and sweatshirts, polos and jackets. The collection will be available through the end of the month.

The collection is accompanied by original blog content and photos by Transnomadica that investigate the history of khakis and illustrates the range and diversity of khaki pants.