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A New Documentary Explores Japanese Denim

The Japanese denim documentary taking a look at the craftsmanship involved in manufacturing in the country, “Weaving Shibusa” is now available on the video sharing platform Vimeo.

“Weaving Shibusa” visits old mills, vintage stores and interviews Japanese denim legends like Yutaka Fujihara and Mikiharu Tsujita. Rivet spoke with the film’s director, Devin Leisher soon before it was released last August, on the making of the film, which was filmed on RED Dragon cameras, by creators Leisher, Erik Motta and Medhi Ahmadi.

“Vimeo is truly the only platform with the filmmaker in mind,” said Leisher of the platform. “[It] was the only service we could find that played on a variety of devices, protected our film through DRM, and retained the quality. [It] also gave a fair amount of the sales back to us, which would enable us to create more content.”

After the film’s premier last year, denimheads from various brands and retailers wanted to hold screenings. Leisher is reportedly in talks with Netflix and Amazon for further distribution.

The video is available to rent now on Vimeo for $6.99, or to purchase for $9.99.